Friday, April 21, 2006

A quick check-in

and likely one of my last for a while. We'll see.

However, I had a wonderful surprise in the front garden yesterday. My hyacinth bloomed!!! In fact TWO of them did :-) Ok, so they're a little spindly, but hey, it's the best result I've had from these bulbs since planting them:

When I came in from taking the photo and went into the kitchen, I found this:

Now, technically, she's NOT allowed on the table, but she's just soooooo cute. And with all the disruption going on round her, it hardly seems fair to kick her off while she watches the world go by.

As for the packing etc, I spent yesterday carrying all the books from various locations upstairs (our bedroom, the spare room and Sean's office) down to the basement. Yep, hard on my wrists, but not nearly as hard as what Sean was doing - wrapping the packed boxes with cellophane, then tape. The collarbone he broke years ago hasn't bothered him this much in a long time - poor guy. We also packed CDs, DVDs and cassettes, as well as our record albums (yep, we still own some *g*) and all my cookbooks.

Today it's laundry, then, when Sean gets back from dropping the truck off for one last service, it's time to pack winter clothing, pictures etc. I can't start till he gets home cause he has to put the boxes together.

My critique partners are coming over this evening :-) A bittersweet meeting, but we know we'll all see each other again. Though I'll miss our monthly get-togethers.

Ok - time for brekkie now! Happy Friday everyone.


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