Friday, April 07, 2006

A surprise on the Sunshine Coast...

So, Sean and his dad got home yesterday evening to find quite a surprise waiting for them. Similar to the surprise waiting for my mother-in-law earlier in the afternoon when she went to the llama shed to check on their feed (long time readers of this blog might remember the pics I posted of the llamas last August). She was thinking that Dusty, the older llama, was getting a little plump, so maybe she should cut back on her food a bit.

Into the shed she walks, only to notice something quite unexpected. This:

Pretty cool, huh? Turns out Dusty wasn't getting fat - she was pregnant! And was probably just pregnant when she moved into my mother-in-law's last summer. Isn't the baby adorable? I'd no idea she'd be so big! I'm sure our niece is going to be THRILLED. Have to admit, I'm looking forward to seeing the baby when we get there in a few weeks.

Sean and his dad missed all the excitement. But they did have fun skiing - here's a shot of Sean enjoying the slopes:

Back here at home, I finished judging another entry. Hadn't got much done on Wednesday as I had to go to the doctor for meds - my sinuses finally convinced me to go. As suspected, I have a sinus infection so am now on antibiotics :-/ But I'm starting to feel better, so that's good.

Last night some friends came over to test out a game called Timetripper. It was fun and Paul will be posting a review of it at some point on his website.

Have errands to do today (in the rain) and tonight, we're doing a girls movie night!! Am looking forward to it :)

Happy Friday!


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