Saturday, April 22, 2006

Cats help us maintain sanity..

and our sense of humour, by doing cute things like this - Cleo appropriating Chloe's fave cushion:

The funny thing with this pic of Chloe (taken late last night), is how she managed to squish herself in there without getting stuck, but as she was out this morning and we didn't hear any yowls, I guess she managed somehow!! If you look closely, you can see the second smaller basket that caused our confusion. I considered trying to get her out after taking the pic, but she seemed comfy, so I left her to her own devices, knowing she'd wake us up if she neede help extracting herself *g*:

Kitchen mostly organized as of yesterday, mail forwarding arranged, more boxes packed and laundry done. Had a lovely time with my CPs last night - we ate cake, drank tea and chatted, though I did keep having to pull Cleo out of the diaper bag (one of my CPs brought her 2 month old with her).

Lots more to do today!


Currently Reading: Never too Late by Cathy Kelly
Link of the Day: Scott Walker's Musical Almanac (a radio feature I really enjoy)

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