Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Horseshoe Bay by 4 pm!!!

That's right, Sean made it across Vancouver and to the ferry terminal at Horseshoe Bay by 4:00 yesterday. Traffic wasn't too bad, hence his good time. He called me from there, to let me know he was safe and since the lot was barely crowded, he'd make the 5:30 ferry with no problem.

The pictures he emailed me from Canmore finally got to me. Here's the one I like best:

Today will be spent cleaning the motorcycles *g*. He says they look like he actually rode them across the country!

Comments from Haloscan - they seem to be back! Yay! They only disappeared when I altered the auto message Haloscan left when I reinstalled them. Now, the message I got said I COULD edit it or delete it, but as that didn't actually work last time, I'm just gonna leave that message there.

It's another cool morning here - frost on the grass and there's a bit of snow floating about. Must finish judging my entries today, once I shake the sinus headache I woke up with.


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