Saturday, April 01, 2006

So, he's off...

he left early this morning. And I mean, early. Before 6 am.

That's right, Sean is now officially on his first-of-two, drive across Canada adventures :-)

And I'm actually pretty calm about it, calmer than I thought I'd be. Probably because it's not snowing here, only raining a bit. And because I figure that freaking out really isn't going to help me or him. Instead, I'm filling my day with lots of busy stuff.

Turns out one of the first things I had to do was ring Sympatico tech help, because I couldn't collect my sympatico email. And what do I find out? That somehow they manged to mix up "Cancel my account in 30 days" with "Cancel it NOW." Yep, that's right, even the tech guy was confused. "You're right, Mrs. Eckford, it says '30 day cancellation - I'm not sure what happened. You'll have to call our business office on Monday morning.'"

Thank goodness we already have our telus account, though it's dial-up *sigh*. Not that it stopped me from getting a tad angry - though I did apologize for taking it out on him.

Now I just have to hope no-one tries to send me anything important on my sympatico account until I get this cleared up. Sheesh. Fortunately I have a box of Timbits here to help with the stress.

Moving Stuff

Things are coming along on the moving front. I have a lot more of my office cleared out, though still have yet to tackle the tall filing cabinet. All the files and assorted office bits and bobs in there need to be removed and put in boxes.

Chloe and Cleo, needless to say, are thrilled with the presence of so many new things to explore - mostly things into which they can climb *g*.

I was going to post a photo of the chaos here in the basement, but without the high speed connection to upload the photos, it'll have to wait now until next week. I'm sure it won't change much between now and then, though - the boxes will just shift locations!

Writing Stuff

Nothing to report, except that I didn't final in the Golden Heart. Strangely enough, I wasn't nearly as disappointed or upset as I thought I'd be. Maybe it's cause I've so much on my mind with the move and all the excitement/anticipation involved in that, but I also think it's cause I recognize that not finalling isn't any lasting indictment of my writing skills. Of course, how I'll feel after receiving my scores in a few weeks is another matter, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Anyway, that's about it from here. It's a grey morning, but I've lots to do inside (including loads of laundry). Plus a friend is coming over later to do dinner with me. We haven't seen each other in months, so we'll have lots to catch up on. She hasn't yet met C&C - they'll love her as she's a real cat person.

Happy Saturday, everyone :-)


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