Sunday, May 22, 2005

Another quick post....
First - anyone know WTF is up with Blogrolling? I've noticed I'm not the only one for whom the list isn't appearing. This has been going on for a couple to days *sigh*.

Anyway - we got most of our first round of planting done yesterday. Much of it in the rain. Oh well, less chance of Sean developing a kidney stone (that happened on the May long weekend 2 years ago when it was hot and sunny and he didn't drink enough water). Just my herbs left to do - and they go in planters (my perennial herb bed is mostly cleaned up - did a lot of hacking yesterday *g*). Had to move my Bleeding Heart after finding out it's poisonous and in the bed where George's leash allows him to roam. Of course, we had it there all LAST summer and neither cat got sick from it, but once I KNEW it was poisonous, I just had to move it or worry all the time.

Responding to comments

Teresa - glad my progress is proving inspirational :-) Not that I've done much over the last couple of days *vbg*.

Rene - LOL re your dh and nurseries. I could spend waaaay more than I do, but curb myself.

Ok - off to bake cookies for Sean now. He's still on early shift (week 4), and I promised to do a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies at least once during his six-week run. With the rainy cool weather, today seemed like a perfect day to do that.


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Melissa Marsh said...

I wish I had more of a green thumb. I bought a hanging basket of flowers (pansies) and the poor things are nearly dead because I keep forgetting to water them. Sigh...