Sunday, May 08, 2005

Taking a cue from Emma...
who found this at Màili's blog.

LOL - yep, I broke a few of these and, in fact, still am. But certainly not ALL of them at once *g*.
So, what AM I STILL doing?
a) my hero is spy BUT he lives in 1790s England (hence he's not a Regency spy). He is who he is - I can't change that.

b) my heroine's parents are dead (they were murdered before the story opened), but my hero's parents' are alive. There are issues, but they are still talking to each other and not twisted

c) it's both sunny and rainy in England, but hell, I've been to the area my story is set several times and have never encountered weather at the time of year I use EXCEPT sun or rain.

d) my hero is Georgian, but by the 1790s hair and costume was becoming a lot more simple. Have researched this.

OTOH, I'd NEVER name a heroine Mackenzie or a hero Devon, have all my medieval people say Aye or Nay, nickname my hero anything except a diminutive of his given names. And I know perfectly well that it can take a week or more, depending on weather/road conditions, to travel from London to York and am going through and correcting each time my hero/heroine address even THINK of each other by their first names for the first part of the book. As time goes on they do eventually become less formal, but I knew it was something I would have to scour my ms for - in the first draft it's just easier to go with the flow. And they DO address each other formally for much of the first draft.

I avoid Scotland and Regency/Victorian/Elizabethan England, focussing instead on the Middle Ages/late 18th century/Stuart period. And am doing considerable research on how to marry my Catholic heroine to my Anglican hero (I know it happened - Charles I was Anglican, his wife Henrietta Maria a Catholic).

Well, much as I'd love to stay here and ruminate on this topic, there's work to be done and I'd best get on with it before the day gets any later.

Happy Sunday!


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Rene said...

My WIP is set in 1808, just shy of the Regency when dresses were still low-cut. My heroine didn't find out my hero's first name until after she slept with him and he proposed. While much of the action takes place in London, the meaty stuff takes place in Derbyshire in the Peaks district amongst the northern moors.