Saturday, May 21, 2005

Quick Saturday morning post...
before we head off to the various nurseries for plants. As predicted, the weather forecast for this weekend has worsened somewhat (earlier in the week they were predicting brilliant sunshine all weekend), but even with the clouds and cooler temps, it's still nice enough to start planting. Sean has headed off first for soil etc, so when he gets back I'll have to haul the cat in from his spot in the grass under the deck (see photos), slap a ball cap on my head (no point showering before grubbing around at the nurseries) and head off to find some new and interesting flowers to brighten up the various flowerbeds :-) I always love to find something different for each season, along with the tried and true (purple/pink/white petunias).

On Thursday evening I did get the first 1/3 of my ms scenes dated, the first stage in constructing my Daysheet. Did it while watching the finales of CSI and ER. Unfortunately didn't get much done at all yesterday - am hoping to spend at least some of Monday working on it!!

Happy Weekend :-)


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Rene said...

My hubby loves nothing more than shopping at nurseries. He will go out with his truck and come back loaded down with plants. Being as this is southern California, we are blessed with the ability to grow all sorts of neat stuff. I don't want to think about how much he has spent on roses.