Thursday, May 12, 2005

A quick post...
Things have been crazy here. I'm still not feeling 100%, either, so not so chatty.

Did manage to evalulate another 10 scenes of my ms the other day and hope to get more done later. Went out to my local writers group meeting last night. Had to go as I was chairing (unlike my RWA chapter, this group is very informal with members taking turns to chair). Glad I did - as always, came home inspired to work. But I was tired, so spent time instead reading up on cryptography/cryptology - research for my book. My heroine and her brother devised a code as children and as I know little about codes, ciphers etc, I have to do some reading.

Took the bus to the office this am, waiting for my dh to arrive so we can go get passport photos done. Keeping busy with office work and bloghopping (nothing like multi-tasking to keep the mind alive).

Best go now - still accounting entries to be done.



Melissa Marsh said...

I blog-hop a lot at work. Since I'm a copywriter, I can't just stare at the page the entire time. I don't work that way in my fiction writing or my office writing. I write a sentence or two and then go read a blog or check email...weird,I know. :)

Lynn said...

Congrats on those scene evaluations! And I'm glad you were inspired by your writers group meeting. Isn't that a great feeling?

Teresa said...

Good job on the scenes!! I know crazy. Things have been crazy for me too. But wow, you still rocked with the scenes!