Sunday, May 29, 2005

Writing from the back of a motorcycle
Sounds strange, I know. But even though there was no way I could actually write, just sitting and watching the scenery go by helped "fill the well" (those of you who've read Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, know to what I'm referring).

We set out around 9 this morning, after rendezvousing with our friend and fellow motorcycle enthusiast. Sean had planned out a route and despite some early rain (nothing too serious) the ride was great. The sun came out and traffic wasn't too bad. I'd forgotten just how beautiful the scenery in that area is - rocky outcrops, streams, lakes and rivers, gorgeous trees in full leaf, ancient pines and fields of flowers. Not to mention geese, groundhogs and lots of birds.

As passenger I was able to enjoy all the glory of that area of Ontario on a spring day. And did I mention the trilliums? Never have I seen so many of those delicate flowers, massed as they were on the edge of the road where the shade and damp allow them to bloom.

So how does this help my writing? First, just relaxing and absorbing the scenery is enough to recharge me for the week. Second, I can let my mind go and allow random thoughts free rein (something I won't be able to do once I start actually piloting the bike myeslf!) - good for percolating ideas. And third, I have time to go over bits and pieces of my story without interruption. Sean and I don't talk much while he's in the driver's seat - especially on those roads with lots of corners.

Below are some photos we took over the course of the day. Along the way we ran across the village of Burnstown and its Affair of the Arts. Lots of cool stuff to see, especially in the antique shop. We'll have to go back sometime with the car *g*. We also went to a neat place called Foymount and had a yummy lunch at the Whip-Poor-Will Tea Room. The photo at the bottom of list is one taken from the highest point in this part of Ontario! Not that my little camera does it justice, but hopefully you'll get a sense of how pretty it is (imagine it in the fall, with the leaves changing colour).

All in all a great day - I"m now feeling mentally refreshed and ready to move on with the editing/polishing of my ms :-)



Dragonfly47 said...

Teresa ~ loved your photos and blog! I too, love historical fiction, although I now write suspense and wait for that call (if it ever comes!) My first novel was a medieval and it's my favourite time period. How can I get Links like yours down the side of my blog? I'm hopeless! I would like to link to your blog so I can pop over and read it, can you link to mine so I can do that? I don't know how....
Love that medieval dress and the barrel saunas!

Dragonfly47 said...

P.S. Teresa, my real name is Laurie Wood and I'm VP of the Kiss of Death Chapter. Just so you know I'm not a cyber-stalker! lol!

Brenda Bradshaw said...

ROFL Laurie! You stalker, you.

Teresa, consider yourself tagged. Details on my blog (I'm SO not letting my husband see this, btw. He'll SUDDENLY want to be interesting in my writing if he can get a Harley worked into the deal, somehow!)

Melissa Marsh said...

LOVE the pics! Looks like a great time. I would love to be able to get away from life for awhile with hubby.