Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A late in the day post...
First, thanks to all for the congrats on my HTH scores :-) I've had fun celebrating with people both off and online.
Rene asked if I was happy with the HTH contest. Despite not finalling *g*, I still have to say yes. Most definitely happy. I got really good scores, but better than that, some really helpful feedback. And I chose the email entry option and it went super smooth - had my results back Saturday morning! The scoresheet is really detailed and definitely takes into account the unique aspects of a historical romance. And the coordinator I dealt with, Sonja Baker was super helpful - letting me know a) when my entry form and proof of payment arrived in the mail (I was nervous it wouldn't make it in time as it had to cross the border) and b) letting me know really quickly that my emailed entry was all tickety-boo, so I didn't have to bite my nails for long over doing something stupid with the formating.

Does that help?


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Rene said...

Yes, it does. I always like when they keep you in the loop. And timeliness. Oh, I hate when contests are late. I'm understanding, but sometimes I've had them go over 2 weeks from when finalists are announced. Also, good feedback is key. Glad it worked out well for you. Sounds like it was a tough contest and your scores were terrific.