Thursday, May 19, 2005

Finished my scene evaluations!!!!
Yay. Finished last night just before 11 - during the final commercial break for the L&O Season Finale. Now I have the daysheet to do, plus writing more scenes and rewriting/adding to many of the others. Seems a tad daunting right now, but I have to keep going.

LOL re all the pantsers who visit my site! You're in good company, though. Jo Beverley calls it Flying into the Mist - here's Alison Brideson's summary of Jo's talk on that topic in New Orleans in 2001. There are times I wish I COULD be a pantser, but it just doesn't work.

We have a busy weekend coming up, so don't be surprised if I disappear. Here in Canada, Monday is a holiday (though Sean still has to work) and as the weather looks good, I'll be planting my garden. That means battling crowds at the nurseries, then spending hours digging in the dirt. I've missed that a lot - have been doing bits and pieces since early April, but I never put in annuals till at least the Victoria Day weekend as we almost always have frost during May.

A few weeks ago we had guests coming over so I did go out to the front bed to pull out a couple of dead annuals we missed last fall. That was supposed to be it, but once I'd pulled them out, I noticed a plant that needed cutting back. Then another. And once those were tidier, the others looked hour and a half later I finally finished. And realized gardening is like writing and vice versa. Sometimes we put off doing it, then we go out/sit down at the computer with the intention of doing one little thing. Before we know it, we're sucked right in as one thing leads to another.

Well, I think that's enough of my blithering for today *g*.


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Teresa said...

Wow, you're doing so great on the worksheets!! Keep it up. You're inspiring me to get to work on mine.