Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Responding to comments....
re: Tag
Lynn - so you mean you want to take my Princess of Procrastination tiara?! *vbg*
Sheri - LOL, yep, I too was tempted by the midget stripper, but couldn't quite come up with a witty enough entry for it.
Melissa - we have even more in common than you know - I too once applied for a community college prof position and didn't get it. Nice meeting you :-)
Kate - no problem. Different strokes and all that. Nice to know you dropped by my blog :-)

re: the HTH contest
Rene - glad my little retrospective helped. I'd definitely recommend entering the contest :-)

Well - this is it for my posting today. Must pay some bills here at the office, then get on with some FDin30D work as long as everything else stays quiet. No more procrastination!!!!



Lynn said...

*tee hee* Are you kidding? I bypassed princess and went straight to queen!

Kate Allan said...

Sorry. :(