Saturday, May 07, 2005

Well nose and grindstone met for a while yesterday...
I got my Enotes column done and submitted. Then worked on my ms for a while. Have realized doing scene capules for the completed ms is just going to be too time consuming at this point. Instead am concentrating on the evaluation process described in Chapter 8 of FDin30D. Added something from last week's workshop - Molly O'Keefe said she heard it from Kristen Hannah (IIRC) - Does the scene a) forward the plot b) reveal character and c) foreshadow/reveal backstory? If it does all three things, it's a keeper. Went through the first few chapters before my dh got home. Decided to spend some time with him as we haven't seen a lot of each other this week with his crazy schedule.
We went for a walk, had pizza for dinner and watched our tape of this week's episodes of Dr. Who and American Chopper. Then we watched a repeat of Corner Gas, though only fellow Canucks will have seen this show (which is so funny). Despite what the show's site says, it's also on Comedy several times a week, including Fridays at 8:30pm - last night's episode was the book club one *LOL*. After that I watched the final episode of Third Watch while Sean watched a war documentary upstairs (he's not a TW fan *g*).
Today it's housework, making custard and preparing the cake for tomorrow's trifle and picking up my brother-in-law at the airport. My mum's taking us all out for dinner tonight (Baton Rouge - yum).
Little time for bloghopping today!!!
Hope everyone else has a productive weekend :-) And that all you mother's out there have a nice day tomorrow!

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