Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Responding to comments!
Larissa - glad you liked the photos! Come visit any time :-)
Laurie - LOL re the cyberstalking. Love your blog.
Brenda - LOL re your dh and the Harley. I'm not sure it would be so easy to think on the back of something that loud *g*.
Melissa - You mentioned you like writing on rainy days. Normally I do too, but this month has been so grey and rainy I've grown tired of it. Need some sun. That seems to be happening now - yay!!

Other news:
For the next week or so I'll be busy with the lead-up to my motorcycle course. I have to go down to the DoT (DMV) to do my written tests. Yep - tests plural. Not only do I have to write and pass the one based on the motorcycle handbook (understandable, I've never driven one before), BUT I have to also write and pass the general one for regular drivers. The one I passed over 20 years ago! So my ms is on hold until I've memorized the books and passed the tests.

And with that, I'd best open up that the motorcycle book again and get back to work :-)


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Lynn said...

Good luck with those tests!