Friday, May 27, 2005

Do you love writing software?
If so, check out Paperback Writer's comments> on WriteWayPro - my word processor of choice.

I've been using the software for almost two years and just LOVE it. It's fantastic - a great way to organize your writing and your mss. You can keep everything in the individual book files - including research links and images.

So if writing is your thing, and you love playing with new software, check out PBW's site and then check out WriteWayPro for yourself.

Tina St. John's hubby is the brains behind it - smart man!

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--TSJ said...

And he makes a mean gumbo, too! ;-)

Thanks for the WriteWay mention, Teresa. Your PR check is in the mail!

Have a great weekend,

--Tina, also lacking motivation on this dreary day after a 4-DAY nor'easter blew through New England