Tuesday, May 10, 2005

On missed appointments and eating bugs....
Ok - only the first pertains to me *g*. In the surreal crush for appointments on the RWA site yesterday morning I had then lost 3 :-( Oh well, such is life. Am hoping to find other ways to meet with the agent and/or get something at the cancellation desk. Hope others fared better!

As for the bugs, well, that's George the cat. Last night I kept hearing strange thuds from the upper deck. Turns out the idiot cat was jumping around trying to catch moths and other flying insects. Saw him smacking his lips at one point, so I guess he got lucky. Yet another sign of the impending summer season!! Without his brother he's finding new and interesting ways to amuse himself, though bug hunting has always been a fave activity of his. *g*

My writing, you ask? Right. Managed to squeeze in time yesterday to go over a few more scenes. Will get off line soon and do some more this morning before my hubby gets here along with our accounting software advisor.

Just a couple of quick links, though. Rene has some very pointed thoughts about the Historical Romance market, while Kelly Boyce (a fellow Canuck) was lucky enough to get appointments yesterday :-)

À demain.


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Larissa said...

Mmm, bugs. :)

Thanks for the links--really interesting!