Thursday, March 24, 2005

Aaarrggh - flare-up of RSI!
Yep, about 10:30 yesterday morning, my right forearm decided to tell me it had had enough of mousing (even with a rollerball apparently) and washing of dishes (well, heavy woks in particular, I imagine), so I spent much of yesterday sitting and keep my arm as unstressed as possible. Instead of doing those final revisions on my synopsis. It's sooooo frustrating, but hardly a surprise, considering how much stress I put on my hands/arms, sitting at the computer day after day. For years now I've been plagued with CTS, its equivalent in my forearm, arthritis in my thumbs and a ganglion on my left wrist. Not much I can do, except remember to rest and take Advil when the pain flares. I use a split keyboard, rollerball mouse and try to remember to walk away from the keyboard at least once an hour.

It always seems to get worse right when I'm in the middle of something important. At least yesterday I could take the time off and still feel productive by finishing off FDin30D. But then I just wanted to start working on my ms right away. So I designed a few forms in WWP, but stopped when the pain got really bad. I've learned to listen to my body when it tells me things like this. If I don't, it gets far worse, then I have to take more time off.

And I'm now trying out blogBuddy for my blogging. So far it seems ok, though it took a couple of tries to get my first entry posted. And acknowledged. Will be interested to see if this one has the same issue.

Anyone else use blogBuddy? I considered WordPress, but it looked way too complicated for me to learn. And even though I'm a self-confessed software slut, I decided that now is not the time to try to teach myself something that looks like it would be great for blogging, but would eat up a lot of valuable writing/editing time. We'll see how this works over the next week or so *g*.

Ok - on with that synopsis. My arm is still tender (even after sleeping with my wrist brace on last night), so I'd best not spend too much more time on blogging!

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Larissa said...

Ooh, that hurts. I hope it's better today! :(