Wednesday, March 30, 2005

View from the upper deck - March 30, 2005. Not quite time to plant the veggies yet *g*. But at least the snow is almost gone!! Posted by Hello


Alex Bordessa said...

Argh! Blogger didn't look like it was going to let me comment for a moment there! I got my browser to open the comment box in a separate window which seems to have solved the problem.

Your pictures are lovely; you live in a very beautiful place. We're definitely getting spring here in the UK - the daffs are coming out on around the city walls of York!

Tess said...

Alex - daffs already? You're so lucky. We've got at least another few weeks before we see any. Most of mine didn't survive last year :-(

And we ARE lucky with where our house is situated. Backing onto the park is fantastic. One of its selling points, as well as the gas fireplace *g*.