Wednesday, March 16, 2005

And speaking of doing stupid things...

Yep - I'm late posting today. Am here at the office and really busy. Had to get shipments out, invoice etc plus catch up on accounting entries. Made myself get it all finished FIRST before blogging. A great incentive to behave :-) And a great reward.

Earlier this week, Emma asked about stupid things we've done. I just found out about something stupid I did LAST week and now have to fix *deep sigh*. Turns out I forgot to sign receipts I sent out for memberships I manage. Figured I'd SAVE time by printing them on the computer rather than writing them all out by hand. Well, I might as well have done the latter as at least then I'd have REMEMBERED to sign them!!! Oh well. Live and learn.

I have to get on with my ms now everything else is done. I COULD stay here and keep chattering away, but I believe that would procrastination. Fun, but procrastination for sure.

Ok - one more thing. A pet peeve. People and their cell phones/mobiles. Twice in the last few days I've seen incredibly rude behaviour on the part of those who seem unable to be separated from their phone for more than a moment. First - while at the gym the other day, a guy came in with one of the personal trainers, talking on his cell phone. I though, as he approached the stair climber that he'd hang up before getting on. But, no, he climbed up and continued to talk into his phone. While the trainer was standing RIGHT THERE, waiting to get on with the session. After a couple of minutes of waiting around while buddy chatted away, he motioned him down and they disappeared to the other room. I'm assuming buddy finished his conversation elsewhere. Then yesterday while I was buying my copy of RT (with a great review of Lydia's debut book), I watched as someone else approached the cashier to buy something with the phone plastered against his ear. He continued to chat through the entire transaction, as though the cashier wasn't even there. Arrrgggghhh. Would it really have hurt him to ASK the person on the other end to hang on for the minute it took him to make the purchase?

Ok, ok - I don't deny that important calls come in at inopportune moments, but if it's the case, excuse yourself, step aside and finish before doing anything else. Don't treat the person you're with as though they're invisible and less important. It's just so rude.

Now - I really must get on with my editing.


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