Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Assorted Wednesday Thoughts....
First - hope you enjoyed the photos I posted earlier this morning :-) I LOVE my digital camera!!! And how easy it is to post to Blogger via Picasa. Everything outside will look so much nicer in another month, but even so, it's wonderful to be able to see the grass and my plants. Most of them seem to have made it through the winter. The ones up front are doing even better. Now I just have to hope the snowdrop bulbs didn't get moved by the squirrels. Should know that in another two weeks or so.

Remember I mentioned the other day about not wanting to look at my first three chapters because they were entered in a contest? Well, I finally had to break down and do it yesterday. Arrrrgggghhhh - I found one typo, some repeated phrases and the same verb used twice in the first three paragraphs on page 1. *pout* Oh well, just have to hope the judges are somewhat forgiving, at least about the typo. As for the rest, well, not much I can do about it now. Except correct it in the final version.

Have been doing more work this morning on forms for FDin30D. Gives me lots to thin about. But this afternoon I have to turn my attention to the editing process proper - as in making changes to grammar etc. Have been neglecting that since finding FDin30D and if I expect to have this ms ready for Reno, must spend at least a couple of hours a day working on the nitty gritty elements as well as the overall story stuff.

Am glad to see Blogger is back up and working today. It was frustrating not being able to comment yesterday. Now if my allergies would just let up a bit, I'd be a totally happy camper :-)

On with the editing!



Lynn said...

Great photos! I haven't been able to post photos via Hello! lately...I'm so glad you were able to.

Don't fret about those chapters. I know I want to change something every time I look at what I've written. The good news is you can still change it, and it's just a contest--not an editor submission.

Good luck with your editing!

Tess said...

I'm using Hello via Picasa2 - it seems to work ok for now (knocking on wood). Glad you enjoyed the photos!

Thanks for the encouragement. And, of course, all the other entrants are probably going through the same thing *g*.