Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Ok, so I'm back. My dh called to discuss a couple of things (he's picking up my book for me - yay!) and reminded me to check out nigelblog.com. We're fans of Crossing Jordan and at least twice in the last few weeks the character Nigel has mentioned this blog. So I typed it in and there it is. Very cool. So I'm adding it to my Blogroll *g*.

From what I've been able to gather, the blog centres around solving an old case, with new evidence posted. Readers are encouraged to post tips or name the murderer.

I like CJ because of the mystery aspect, but also because of the romance. Yep, as with most detective style shows, there's an ongoing on/off relationship between Jordan and Woody, the police officer (played by Jerry Connell of Sliders fame). They've been teasing us for several years now, and though in some ways it's annoying, there's enough in Jordan's background to make it believable that she'd be reluctant to get romantically involved. Good example of a story arc.

See, I even managed to bring this post round to writing *vbg*, which IS supposed to be one of the two focusses of this blog.



Lynn said...

I'm a Crossing Jordan fan, too! My TiVo is set to record new eps on CBS and the repeats on A&E, and I'm thoroughly hooked. Thanks for the tip about Nigel's blog. Gonna check that out now.

Tess said...

Lynn - Glad to be of service :-)