Friday, March 18, 2005

Blog hopping and U2 tickets

A busy morning today - I was rebuilding our company's website. It hadn't been updated in a while and really was in need of it, so I pulled the whole thing down, revamped it and now just have to let the dh check it over before posting it back up there. I always forget how much work a website is. Then again, I LOVE that kind of work, so it was no big deal.

Except it meant I didn't get around to my blog hopping till much later *g*. But, better late than never! This week I've really enjoyed Larissa's blog - she's brought up lots of interesting topics and garnered lots of response. As has Alison Kent, over at her Blah Blog. And Emma, Lydia, Lynne and Màili.

Tomorrow morning I might be delayed because I'm going to be trying to get U2 tickets!!!!! Yep, there' coming to my home town later this year and both the dh and I are big fans. Sooooo, I'll have to start dialing at 10am. Should be interesting! I've never tried for such a huge show before, so I've no idea if I'll be successful or not. Oh well, certainly worth a try :-)

I'm STILL waiting to get my copy of First Draft in 30 Days!!! Arrrggghhh. I knew it would take a while and it's really not been that long yet, but sheesh, I REALLY want to start working with this book. Have been reading Lynn's progress with the method and I'm even more intrigued. Ah well, I just have to keep reminding myself that patience really is a virtue. And being a little virtuous certainly won't hurt me *g*.

Hmm, well as I've not yet had a proper lunch break and it's warmed up considerably here, I think I'll head off for a walk soon :-) It's nice and sunny yet again - we haven't had any precip in days. Of course some rain would be nice to wash away the snow, but sunshine is a lot nicer to look at.


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Lynn said...

Patience is a virtue? In your case, I wouldn't be feeling very virtuous. *g* I'm so glad my progress reports have upped your interest in the book.