Friday, March 11, 2005

Blog interrupted...

Well, this morning's post was going to be short and early. Well, it will still be short, but not as early as I'd hoped. I was in the middle of writing it when the power went out. Yep, just cut right out. Second time in about a month this has happened. And since the great blackout of August 03, my immediate response was to call my dh at the office to see if HE still had power. Which he did.

I was a little concerned about the cold, but the smart man I married reminded me the gas fire could still be turned on. So I flicked the switch, poured a cup of coffee (still warm in its thermal carafe) and curled up with a review book. After almost an hour, hydro was restored. So NOW I'll get on with my blog post then get to the ms.

Here are a couple of more research tidbits from Author sites. Isolde Martyn is one of my fave authors (her latest book, Fleur-de-Lis, is only available in Australis :-( ). At her site she provides a list of historical fabrics and a decent research bibliography on her Research Tips page. If you're just starting out on your first historical romance, why not surf on over to Jen Hollings' site and read her article on Researching the Historical, then check out her list of Useful Links, then move on to Tina St. John's home on the web. She has some great articles, including one on Setting Your Historical Romance. Fellow Canuck Margaret Moore also has a cool set of articles at her site, including one about Creating Characters.

That's it for today, folks. I know there's lots I could ramble on about, but with losing almost an hour already, I REALLY need to get on with editting that ms.

See you tomorrow.


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