Thursday, March 03, 2005

Catching up and Getting Back to Work!

Arrgh - I LOVE vacations, but at the same time I think I hate them too. Even after only a couple of days, I feel so out of touch with everything. Have spent lots of time this morning reading through email, catching up on blogs and trying to convince myself that this afternoon I really WILL fire up WriteWayPro and start working on the changes to my synopsis.

But I'm also feeling incredibly lazy. Might be because I'm still tired after two days of skiing. I slept like the proverbial log last night, disturbed only by a purring kitty at one point. He REALLY missed us, poor baby.

But this doesn't help me get back to work. And I've tons to do. Am off to the Historical Novel Society conference in Salt Lake City in 6 weeks, then Reno in July for RWA National. I also need to take at least two days in the library to do a ton of research for the edits on my ms. Spent a lot of time inserting comments like [CHECK THIS] while writing the first draft and now actually have to check things!

I think I'm babbling *sigh*. And the dh will be home for lunch soon.

Anyone here have hints on how to knuckle down after a vacation?

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