Thursday, March 17, 2005

This 'n that...

It's St. Patrick's Day - not something I think about celebrating much these days. But a happy day to those who do :-) I observe St. Joseph's Day - a tradition in our family as my dad was named Joseph and in Poland they marked their name saint's day. Since his death, it's been a little difficult as March 19 approaches.

Yesterday I did more work on my synopsis, then read it aloud at my local writers group (separate from my RWA chapter). Found a couple of things that I hadn't noticed just by reading it. So now I have to incorporate those changes *sigh*. But at some point I have to stop tweaking and just SEND it already! After playing with the synopsis, I did some more editing, but that turned into writing as I found a scene that needed a lot more depth. The characters took over (I love when they cooperate like that *g*) and the scene flowed. It kinda took me by surprise - am wondering if it's because I hadn't tensed up thinking "I have to add layers to this scene.", but happened upon it instead and just started writing. Interesting.

On another note, I found a link to Philippa Gregory's website today. Funny thing is, I've not actually read any of her books! Still, I enjoyed touring her site - it's got lots of extras, including background info for all her books, a short bibliography on Tudor England and a travel article on the Alhambra. Fans of Anya Seton will also enjoy her review of Katherine. Maybe I'll try one of her books during the summer.



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