Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What I like to see on Author websites

Màili pointed the way to Silly Bean's post on Website Content, which reminded me it was a topic I wanted to blog on. Though this will be a short post, and just the first on the topic.

What I love to see most on Author websites is articles and notes. The best kind are those related to their research. I was at Loretta Chase's website the other day and found she has a wonderful section there devoted to background info on her books.

Ms. Chase is by far not the only author to do this, I just hadn't run across her website before. Three of my other fave author sites with background info and articles include:

Jo Beverley - she has several pages on her site, so I'm linking to her site menu that lists the various resources available there under A Miscellany.

Lydia Joyce - her first book, Veil of Night, will be out in April, but she's already built an impressive website with tons of information and some great craft of writing articles.

and Tracy Chevalier - author of, among others, Girl With the Pearl Earring, The Virgin Blue and The Lady and the Unicorn. She includes background info on pages devoted to each book and in her FAQ.

But it's not just published authors who do this and earn my gratitude. Emma Gads has some cool notes on her site, background about her mss.

Ok - I'll stop now or get completely carried away. More on this later in the week!



Giselle said...

Madeline Hunter has a history page on her website with info on the medieval and regency periods in which her books are set. Mighty interesting :)


Tess said...

Giselle - yep, she's on my list :-)