Saturday, March 26, 2005

And finally today, thanks to Karen Wiesner for including my blog on her First Draft in 30 Days website, along with Lynn's.

Unfortunately I didn't end up quite getting done yesterday what I'd hoped. After going to the gym I decided to take a walk as it was such a gorgeous day, then was busy with some critiquing for a friend.

Maybe today, once I'm done listening to Jesus Christ Superstar (I play it every year at Easter and sing along while my dh is out) I'll do some more writing work. Any other JCS fans out there? I've known it by heart since I was a little girl - my mum was a big fan of it as well and I'm pretty certain over the years we must have worn down the grooves on that old record album *vbg*. Not only is my dh not fond of musicals, but I'm not blessed with a great singing voice, so figure it's always safer to sing along when I'm by myself =:-O



wendyduren said...

You are not alone. I love Jesus Christ Superstar, too. Like you, I blame my mother for this. It's just really hard, being a child of the '70s.

Tess said...

Wendy - I hear you! I also love the soundtracks to Grease and Saturday Night Fever *vbg*