Wednesday, March 09, 2005

More authors with articles and historical background information

Regency author Nicola Cornick is one of my recent finds. I love both her work and her website, where she includes background info for many of her books.

Then there's Candice Hern, whose marvellous website is a treasure trove for those of us who love to look at period items. There she uploads photos of pieces from her Collections - including such things as quizzing glasses, purses, buckles etc.

Regina Scott is another author who likes to post articles at her site, related to material in her books. She has some cool stuff on Regency History.

UK author Claire Thornton writes about specific aspects related to her books - of particular interest is her article about Soldiers' Wives.

Some authors prefer to include small snippets of info, rather than full articles. And that's great too - especially if they do it with style, like Joanna Maitland who has a page of snippets and a research bibliography at her site.

Is the medieval period more your style? Then hop on over to Monica Burns' site for some info on swords. Or visit Madeline Hunter's historical background page

Looking for craft articles and writing tips? Check out those by Judith Stanton, Anne Gracie, and Kate Hardy.

That's all for today, folks :-)


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Kelly said...

Thanks for the great collection of links. I'm rediscovering my love for historical romance!