Thursday, March 03, 2005

My new collage!

I worked on it on Sunday afternoon, before we went to an Oscar Party. It went really well, except I discovered that for this story my hero and heroine will each have a collage to themselves. Did most of the hero's one the other day (will photograph it soon and post it) and hope to do the heroine's over the next couple of weeks - need to by another piece of bristol board.

This is all pre-writing for the next book and the collage sparked lots of ideas. But I still need some more pictures and I've exhausted all the magazines/catalogues we have. So now I have to make time to get to a used book store to find more pictures. Really don't want to have to start cutting things out of my history magazine collection. Hmm, wonder if my mother has any Past Times catalogues sitting round her house *g*. They're FANTASTIC sources for my collages.

Ok - really, I'm going to try to get some work done now. Well, after lunch - I know I'll just get going and the front door will open.

Teresa (still babbling)

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