Monday, March 28, 2005

Slow to blog today....
Not sure why - I think it's because after weeks of sunshine here, it's very dreary this morning - cloudy and drizzly. Not that it stopped George the cat from demanding his breakfast be served out on the deck *g*. Crazy kitty. He's definitely feeling all better :-) Hope y'all enjoyed the photos of him!

Yesterday I tagged and traced my synopsis for my current ms. Interesting exercise. I found I have a lot of subplots (well, I KNEW that, just didn't realize HOW many) and lots of romantic tension - good thing as it's a romance novel =:-O I definitely discovered a couple of spots where I needed to make things more clear.

Of course what I'm avoiding doing is looking at the first three chapters, as the first 30 pages have been entered into a contest. Am worried I'll find typos/missed words and obsess about the judges thinking I'm an idiot. Which is mostly stupid as _I_ don't do that when I'm judging, but there are judges out there who do seem to pick on the stupidest things. Maybe I can convince my dh to read those pages and let me know if I can print them with impunity and send them off to the agent along with the synopsis. Hmmmmm. I might have to offer him some of my Easter chocolate *g*!

Other than tha, I think today I'm going to spend some time entering more stuff from the book into WriteWayPro - forms and such. And those forms I can't recreate in WWP (it doesn't do tables) I'll do in WordPerfect.

Teresa (munching on the dark chocolate Lindt bunny given to her by her loving husband - he knows what keeps me happy!)

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Kate Allan said...

Oooo we had chocolate Lindt bunnies too. With a cute little bell?