Friday, March 04, 2005

More research stuff

Ok - for those of you who LOVE research and history like I do, here are a few links for you.

First up is Roberta Gellis's wonderful research bibliography.

On a research list I'm on, someone posted about, a really comprehensive search engine. I'd forgotten its existence and was very grateful for the reminder.

Looking for who was born, married, did what and died on a certain date? There are several Today In History sites, but one of my favourites is Chambers Book of Days - from 1869. It has some good mini bios, including one of Manon Roland.

How about visiting Lydia Joyce's page of History Notes to learn about The Myth of the Extended Family or Emma Gads' notes on Boxing, background research for her ms.

I could keep going all day on this, but as I still have email to answer and work to get done on my synopsis, I'll sign off now. Hope you enjoy the links :-)


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