Thursday, March 31, 2005

Report on yesterday's work...
So I spent yesterday afternoon editing and surfing the Louvre website. Why the Louvre, you ask? Because my heroine (late 18th century, French) looks at the hero with his wet shirt molded to his torso and compares him to a statue she's seen *g*. Now I just have to FIND the right statue! I did find a couple and had a great time travelling through the various sculpture rooms at the Louvre. Much cheaper than a flight to Paris, though I'd still love to visit it in person some day.

The editing isn't going as quickly as I'd like *sigh*. I keep getting stuck for words - there are quite a few that need changing. When doing my first draft, if I can't find the exact word I need, I just use whatever comes to mind, put square brackets around it to remind me it needs tweaking, then keep going. That process works well for actually getting the story out and completing the ms, but it's a bit more of a pain when I have to revise. I spend a lot of time at Etymonline and

Last night I went off to my local writers group meeting. It's been going for well over a decade now - I joined about five years ago and it's a nice complement to my RWA chapter. The writers in my local group represent all spectrums - poetry, non-fiction, novels (literary and commercial) and short stories. Last night we heard a short story, a piece of satire, the first chapter of a literary novel and more from a family history. I read my 1pg synopsis + 1st page of my ms (for the Pro-Retreat entry). Also, I passed around my copy of FDin30D :-)

Oh and on Tuesday night, quite by accident, I found a little detail for my ms about how streets were lit in Paris in the late eighteenth century!!! Was so excited. The book I found this tidbit in is The Making of Revolutionary Paris - doncha just love when info falls into your lap like that?

Enough blogging - back to the editing!


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