Saturday, March 26, 2005

If only animals could speak.
So, my afternoon went differently than I'd planned. Instead of writing, I was taking care of my kitty. He seems to have a little virus - the vet said to keep an eye on him, but not to worry too much as long as he kept eating (which he did). We have a great clinic - they are very helpful even over the phone. He seems a little perkier since I gave him tonic lax, a little Iams, then lay beside him while he slept. And he purred when my dh got home (he'd not purred before that which had me worried too). If only he could have told me how he was feeling. And if he's feeling a bit allergic too, as he has a bit of goop coming from his eye. Just hope he's ok - he doesn't like the car, so we don't want to have to take him to the emergency vet, which is even further to drive to than his regular one :-(

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